Stanley Ferry Quarry

Stanley Ferry Quarry is a new proposed Quarry to be operated by Wakefield Sand and Gravel Ltd, planned to supply sand and gravel to the Newlay concrete block and concrete batching plants in Dewsbury and the wider West Yorkshire construction industry.

At the moment, there is only one operational sand and gravel quarry in West Yorkshire, which will be completed over the next two years. This means that the mineral would have to come greater distances if a new local source is not found. This would lead to greater costs in construction, more lorries on the roads and a larger carbon footprint for the industry.

The proposed site consists of two fields on either side of the River Calder, which would be joined by a conveyor bridge across the River. Sand and gravel would not leave the quarry on local roads, as a new wharf would be constructed on the Aire and Calder Navigation canal to transport the sand and gravel by barge to a concrete plant at the side of the river in Dewsbury. This environmentally friendly method means no HGVs on local roads, other than needed to deliver heavy plant to the site.

After the operational period, two lakes will be created to be used for angling and amenity purposes. In addition to providing opportunities for recreational angling and nature conservation, the two lakes will provide additional flood attenuation storage to aid flood relief downstream of the site.

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